About James

James McCallum was born in Paisley in 1968 and educated in Fort William.  He graduated from Grays’ School of Art, Aberdeen in 1990 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art.  James won and took up his John Kinross Scholarship from the Royal Scottish Academy and studied in Florence in 1990-1991.

James’ work explores the human condition, and its varied cultures and civilisations, with our shared philosophies, religions, psychology, art, sex, history, politics, poetry…  He manipulates the essential ingredients of this humanism into a pictorial language which is predominantly figurative, in order to develop an immediate rapport with the audience, and to identify them as descendant products of a narrative tradition in Scottish Art.

Curiosity for a possible involvement in film and television production, providing the opportunity to help fund his studio practice, was first realised in 1993 when Icon Productions and United Artists brought the filming of their productions ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Rob Roy’ to the Highlands.